Candle Care

candle care

Your natural soy wax candle will need a little love;

– Never leave a burning candle unattended.

– Keep your candles out of reach of small children and pets.

– The first time you light your candle, allow it to burn to the full edge of the container. Failure to do this will result in your candle forming a tunnel.

– The recommenced burn time is no longer than 4 hours.

– Extinguish your candle by blowing it out or using a snuffer. It is not recommended to use the lids for this purpose.

– Before relighting your candle, trim the wick to 7mm. This will stop a large flame and prevent your candle from burning too quickly.

– Leaving your soy wax candle exposed to sunlight may cause a slight yellow discolouring.

– We do not put any toxic additives in our product. Soy wax is a natural product and can be sensitive to weather. If it is very cold, you might see the wax pull away from the side of the glass. If it is very hot, you might see the wax start to sweat. Both are completely normal for this product. Your candle performance will not be affected.